Blend: Angelo Accardi

14 July - 14 August 2016

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Curated by SimonBart Gallery


SimonBart Gallery _ Via Aga Khan 1 - Promenade du Port, Porto Cervo


Opening event: 14th July 2016 – 19:30 


Opening hours: 

Monday - Sunday: 10:00 - 13:00; 18:00 - 00:00

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Press release
SimonBart Gallery of Porto Cervo inaugurates the 2016 events season with the exhibition Blend – Accardi | Constantine, dedicated to the last Angelo Accardi’s artworks and to the official launch of Constantine’s photographs.
Blend is the name of the last Accardi’s art series. After the international success of his Misplaced, the artist has perfected his artistic research with Sediments, in which he has “sedimented” the key points of his artistic language until their final, enigmatic mix in Blend.
The result is a full maturity, which allows Accardi to inspect with absolute self-confidence unexplored areas and to travel through again paths of his artistic youth. This happens both in terms of artistic language and technique, meanly in his sculptures, both in terms of themes and subjects of representation, with recurring cinematographic mentions or the marked use of human figure in his last artworks.
The exhibition project, created and curated by Simon Bart, owner of the gallery, is indeed based on the harmony resulting from the blend, as artistic mix between Accardi and Constantine, new photographic proposal of SimonBart Gallery, which will be presented in the exclusive Rolls-Royce Summer Studio. 
Accardi’s canvases are constantly oriented to the mix/contrast between reality and imagination, appearance and significance; they wink at photography, with her evocative power of destabilize reality, exactly like happens in Constantine’s enigmatic photographs. Both artists share ambiguity, sense of mistery and abundance of symbols, authentic keys to interpret reality.
Four unpublished Constantine’s works will be presented and mentioned in four Accardi’s canvases, especially created and arranged in an incessant game of recalls between paintings and photographs. Spectators will be involved to resolve a rebus, getting the solution to read reality.
The concept of Blend embraces the event in a double location, two spaces which are geographically and also ideally close at the same time: SimonBart gallery and Rolls-Royce Studio, both exposed on the splendid Porto Vecchio (old port) of Porto Cervo.
The gallery will present the last artworks of Accardi’s Bend series (but works from Sediments and Misplaced, too); on invitation, it will be possible to access to the Rolls-Royce venue, to enjoy the “blend” between canvases and photographs.