Ziv Cooper


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Ziv Cooper is an artist, working primarily in oils and watercolors. He often uses to bold colors and emotive tableaux in a post-expressionist manner.
As an artist and architecture graduate, Ziv is much influenced by the shapes, geometry, of structures, mixture of surface, materials and composition in an urban space. As well as the relation between light reflected in the space.
Ziv depicts scenes in every conceivable light, from blazing sunsets to romantic night scenes. These atmospheric, iconic scenes are accentuated with a number of techniques: bold brushes, staining the surface, wiping away paint with solvents, gritty marks with an ink brayer. Depending on the time of day or conditions of weather, his palette may contain cool grays/blacks and steely blues, to bright bursts of pink, yellow, and orange.
The artist’s cityscapes are rendered with intimate and dynamic expression. A number of unique compositions are inspired from the city’s intimate spaces/facades, where reflected buildings, street lamps colors and neon signs glitter in the rain. In each work, he integrates various techniques to portray the city with drama, mood, and personality that reflects the time and the unique situation at one special moment in a day.
Ziv’s world travels have helped him to stretch his creative limits and employ his unique techniques to a variety of subjects. He expresses his artistic vision equally well through still life, floral, interior, and expressionist painting. His brushwork is loose and expressive as well as gentle, precise and detailed.
He currently lives and works in Rishon Le Zion, Israel.