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The Roman artist known today as Dicò was born in 1964. Following his fascination for the world of contemporary art and the Italian-American cinema, Dicò chose to fulfill his studies at the Art Institute of Via di Ripetta in Rome; he gained experience in the studios of different artists.
He lived between Italy and USA and thanks to his curious and polyhedric character, was able to catch and interpret topics and elements belonging to different artistic languages. Meanwhile, He discovered new opportunities in advertising and successfully dedicated himself to commercial graphic design, an experience that would prove immensely useful to his later forms of aesthetic expression.
Dicò is mainly inspired by Alberto Burri’s combustions and Warhol’s pop style. The artist, famous today for his original style characterized by the combination of plastic and paint, conveys meaningful implicit messages through his paintings. Dicò’s representations of his innovative dimension are obtained through the composition of different mixed elements and materials.
In 2012, Dicò began an important collaboration with the Ca’ d’oro of Rome and after his great success in Miami, he also collaborated in the presentation of The Marilyn’s Diamond. The artwork was presented during the exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of Marilyn’s death. Several events and exhibitions have followed in very prestigious locations, like the Museum of Contemporary Art of Macro Testaccio, The Crocetti Museum, the Auditorium of Conciliation, at Ca’ d’oro of Piazza di Spagna, at Galleria Bosi.
From 2015 Dicò was invited by the Italian Embassy in Montecarlo to exhibit his works in the Principality for two years during the event Il Mese della Cultura and his works were later placed in the Barclays Bank.
His works are now in the private collections of exponents of the world of culture, entertainment, finance and sport, both Italian and international.
The anthological exhibition Combustions, at Complesso del Vittoriano in Rome, summarize his artistic path and at the same time is a further launch for new exhibition appointments and new artistic achievements.