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The Afghan-German artist Aatifi has been recognized for his efforts to infuse the strictly traditional rules of Arabian calligraphy with ideas of modern abstract art. Challenging the concepts of semiotics for almost over 20 years, his vocabulary of shapes results in inimitable creations. His works on paper and canvas, achieved with various techniques of painting, drawing, and printmaking, intertwine contemporary structural questions as well as references to personal recollections.
In 2015, his solo show “Aatifi – News from Afghanistan” in the Museum für Islamische Kunst in the Pergamon Museum Berlin welcomed visitors from all over the globe to a mind map of his percetion. Revealing the intense try of society to retrieve cultural heritages, without understanding a need of incorporating it into our present with both knowledge and the courage to change parts of it. Aatifi’s works are easy on the eye, but taking a closer look they disrupt static conceptions of differentness. His memories turn to colors, when he generously tears them apart for his ongoing hunt for answers.